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Pheasant Hunting Lab Dogs

Dog is main’s best friend and is always there for you, such as the pheasant hunting lab dogs, which have a lot to do with functional needs and the hunting roots of their initial traits. Each breed is built to do a particular job and skill, but the dog needs to “want to do it” with proper socialization and adequate training. The breed, such as the pheasant hunting lab dogs, each have particular coats, gaits, substances, expressions, and overall looks of that specific breed to meet the breed’s standards.

The pheasant hunting lab dogs, or the Labrador Retriever, originated out of Newfoundland as an all-purpose water dog prior to the 1800s. Originally considered to be a Newfoundland instead of a Lab, it was called the St. John’s Newfoundland. They were bred to retrieve game and fish, bred as a medium-sized black dog with short and close hair. These dogs were also capable of pulling the Newfoundland small fishing boats through the icy water as an assistant to the sailors. But this amiable, gentle, and devoted hunting dog has evolved into one of the most popular dogs for not only as pheasant hunting lab dogs, but also as a pet for families or therapy dogs to assist the blind and disabled.

With an AKC ranking of number one, the pheasant hunting lab dogs have been placed in the family of gundog and retriever, with an original hunting function of water retrieving, even though it is easily trained for a wide variety of other functions. A powerful dog weighing about 65 to 80 pounds for the male and 55 to 70 pounds for the female, it stands about 22 inches at the withers, give or take depending on the sex. Considered as a moderate dog, the pheasant hunting lab dogs are not an extreme sort of dogbut rather mellow and easygoing. But like all dogs, they need exercise such as swimming and retrieving, which is where the dog’s heart is at. A rather sociable dog, it loves company and is excellent around other pets, strangers, with a high affectionate level.

The build of the Labrador is specific to carry game birds of all sizes and is considered a highly-qualified working retriever well deserving of the name pheasant hunting lab dogs. It has a broad head and strong jaws that are excellent for carrying pheasants and Canadian geese, and a heavy body and strong legs for swimming and running for retrieving. In natural colors of yellow, black or chestnut, this square compact moderately sized dog has an ease of training response that surpasses most other dogs.

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