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The Relaxation and Fun of a Pheasant Hunting Lodge

Well, it is opening day of pheasant hunting and the bags are packed, guns are cleaned and oiled, plenty of bullets have been buyd, and the hunting dogs know they will soon be hunting. With all this, staying at a pheasant hunting lodge with or without a pheasant hunting guide just adds to the excitementfrom then on, it just doesn’t get any better, believe me. There are a wide variety of places to stay when hunting pheasants, regardless where the hunt is at.

With many generations behind them of experience and dedication, the business of the pheasant hunting lodge is you and your dog, in addition to a successful hunt. Hunting dogs are almost always welcome, and the pheasant hunting lodge will feel like home to both the dog and his owner to make their stay more enjoyableafter all, they do want you to come back next season or next year. If dogs are not available, then the pheasant hunting lodge may also offer the usage of their dogs as part of the pheasant hunting package.

But once you are there at the pheasant hunting lodge, you will find yourself enjoying the large acreages of prime habitat, with some of the best pheasant hunting in the areaconsisting of tree strips, shelter belts, CRP fields, weed patches, creek bottoms, and corn fields. With this type of specialized pheasant habitats, do not be surprised if you also end up seeing sharp-tail grouse, Hungarian partridge, huns, and prairie chickens. Water and ample feed, with cover against predators, are all that makes pheasants happy.

Make sure that if you are pheasant hunting, that the lodge is a pheasant hunting lodge, as many hunting lodges hunt different things and have different rules. A bear hunting lodge or wild boar hunting lodge may have slightly different rules and trips out to hunt, than the pheasant hunting lodge does. Of course, there are several lodges that offer different types of game hunting, so make sure when talking to them and reserving a spot that it is the place you want to be at. The combination of big game hunting and upland game bird hunts are quite popular, as long as you book the reservations early enough.

The gamebirds are the most popular and common upland game bird hunted by man, and a pheasant hunting lodge can also provide hunting strategies that are successful for the hunter and the dog. The pheasant is a very crafty prey, and outsmarts the most experienced hunters and dogs continuously. Getting the downed bird as soon as possible makes the difference between a successful hunt and a failed hunt. A good pheasant hunting guide, with the pheasant hunting lodge, can prevent the failed hunts more often than one hunter.

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