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Texas Pheasant Hunting

Texas Pheasant Hunting Ring-Necks

Relative latecomers to the Great Plains of Texas, the first ring neck pheasants were introduced to the state in 1933-1934 in the Arkansas National Wildlife Refuge, but not apparently in a successful manner as none were seen after 1939. The pheasants, which formed the basis of the Texas pheasant hunting population, arrived from western Oklahoma

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Pheasant Hunting Dog

A good hunting dog is more than man’s best friend, especially if that good hunting dog hunts pheasants. And the quality of the pheasant hunting dog will make your pheasant hunting trip one of joy or misery, depending on the dog. But usually the pheasant hunting dog is invaluable for those who enjoy hunting pheasants

Ohio Pheasant Hunting

Ohio Pheasant Hunting Is Top of The List!

Ohio pheasant hunting has not exactly been at the top of the list for pheasant hunters who come from out-of-state to hunt. Those pheasant and upland bird hunting choices would be South Dakota, Kansas, Alabama, Illinois, North Carolina, Texas, Vermont/New England, or Virginia other than for Ohio pheasant hunting individuals. Probably the best pheasant and

Iowa Pheasant Hunting

The Iowa Pheasant Hunting Experience

The ring-necked pheasant, native to Asia, was introduced to Iowa about 1900 after being successfully introduced to the North American continent in 1881. Their introduction to Iowa was the result of a storm that destroyed the pens of breeder William Benton of Cedar Falls, freeing about 2,000 pheasants into the wild. In 1910 the Department

North Dakota Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant Hunting North Dakota

North Dakota and pheasant hunting have a long history together, with an abundance of those beautifully colored game birds in the grass-covered prairies, part of the western side of the state making pheasant hunting North Dakota excellent hunting for all. Some choice locations in that area of the state would be Bowman, Grassy Butte, Belfield,

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The Enjoyment of Pheasant Hunting

Natives of the Asian continent, pheasants were brought to Europe in the tenth century and quickly became a favored hunting prey. The late 1880s saw the introduction of the pheasant into the United States from Great Britain, and they proved to be a great fit in their new habitat. By the 1920s, the pheasant population

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Colorado Pheasant Hunting in Prime Style

The state of Colorado brings to mind high mountains and big game hunting. Only a few dedicated bird hunters realize that Colorado is also famous for Colorado pheasant hunting, in addition to hunting for quail, chuckar, and partridge, which are provided in about 40 private hunting or shooting preserves. Some of the opportunities provided in

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Dogs, Pheasant Hunting and Personal Care

There is an old saying, you can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your family other than the family dog. That saying is not only used in the past but also today. And if that family dog is one of the family hunting dogs, pheasant hunting along with swimming in the river with the

Pheasant hunting in South Dakota

The South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Success

The ring-necked pheasant is the state bird of South Dakota, and fittingly so, the Asian native has taken to South Dakota as if it were indigenous to the area. The bird was successfully introduced to the state in 1908 after previous attempts proved unsuccessful, and, although the pheasant is thought of as the all-American bird,

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Pheasant Hunting: Wisconsin’ Many Programs

The pheasant was introduced to the state of Wisconsin as late as the 1800s, and has actually been a tradition in the state for quite a while. But their numbers began to decrease due to inadequate habitat conditions and availability as more and more crop grounds and land became modernized, more sleeker agricultural practices that