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Purchasing A Hunting Knive

Hunting knives are meant for hunting and butchering. The choice of hunting knives is the sole decision of the hunter and should be based on personal needs and preferences. The following article is just an outline of the qualities that need consideration when choosing a hunter’s knife. It also discusses the various types of hunting knives.

Folding Hunting Knives

Folding models operate based on the pivot and locking mechanism. Folding knives are not as strong as fixed knives. They are easy to carry around, though, in a small sheath, belt or in one’s own pocket.

There are folding hunting knife models available that are used exclusively for hunting purposes. However, there are also models that can be used for hunting and other purposes.

The model that can be exclusively used for hunting is a knife that will allow the animal hunter to remove the hide off the dead animal. There are higher models which enable butchering of the animal – this is useful if the hunter prefers to do the task of butchering himself. The hunting blade models are available as dedicated hunting models for butchering as well as field dressing. Such folding hunting knives with a basic design range in price from $44 through $200. Two-blade and three-blade folding models are available at an even higher price.

Clip point hunting knives, drop point hunting knives, gut hook hunting knives, bowie hunting knives, skinning hunting knives, and caping hunting knives are the common hunting knife choices available. The many branded knives are available in folding models with multiple blades which enable dedicated hunting and general purpose activities, this allows the user to swap the blades quickly and fairly very easily.

Fixed Hunting Knives

In fixed models, the blade is designed to be permanently fixed in an open position. Thus, this kind of hunting knives poses a danger to their users and carriers. To prevent accidents, fixed-hunting knives usually come in a custom sheath so they can be carried around safely.

Fixed hunting knives are very reliable. They are used both for hunting and for general purposes. If a hunter wants to do the butchering on the field, the dedicated fixed hunting knife model will suit him best. If a hunter wants to use the knife for cooking, eating, cutting, chopping and any other camping activities, then the general purpose model will suits him best.

Hunting Blade Design

The blade design is an important aspect to be considered when looking for a hunting knife. The big grand hunters should opt for drop point blades. Such knives are made of comparatively thick steel. The blades are also robust. The entire knife can be used to remove the skin, this makes it ideal for hunting as this lets the hunter cut the skin off the animal without causing much damage and bruising to the meat.

The skinning and gut cleaning knives should also be considered for clearing animal gut and for splitting the rib cage.

Hunting Knife Handles

The knife handle is also another important consideration in hunting knives. Wood, leather and bone handles are the most popular types of handles. They are sturdy, useful and aesthetically pleasing as well.

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