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Basic Dog Training for a Redbone Coonhound

Can you honestly argue against a Redbone Coonhound being one of the most loving hunting dog breeds around? Unfortunately, when it comes down to it, basic dog training is an entirely different matter altogether as these loving, hunting dogs are actually quite ornery if not trained properly. However, does a Redbone Coonhound really require special, basic dog training? Let’s take a closer look.

What Makes a Redbone Coonhound Different?

Basic dog training for a Redbone Coonhound is not easy. They require a lot of patience as these hunting dogs are among the more stubborn, independent breeds you’ll encounter. Without basic dog training, a Coonhound will make its own decisions, go for what it wants whenever it wants and can be incredibly patient in waiting you out to get it.

The first thing you should remember and constantly repeat to yourself is that your Redbone, no matter how loving it is, is still a dog. It is a hunting animal that needs to receive proper basic dog training. The second you start treating your Coonhound like a person and giving it the privileges that comes with being treated like a human, you lose the upper hand in your training.

Keep in mind that if you neglect to implement basic dog training with your hound, you’re actually putting them at risk, and inhibiting their training as a hunting dog. With that strong personality and fiery, hunting will, they can easily get themselves into trouble, or develop unwanted behaviors.

The Fundamentals of Basic Dog Training for Redbone Coonhound

To start with, make sure you begin your basic training with your Redbone while it is young, providing it with as much exercise as possible. A Redbone Coonhound is a large dog, which is boisterous, loud and prone to jumping on people. They are very energetic, and they are hardwired to bark, and for treeing quarry. If your hunting dog doesn’t receive basic dog training then you do not have a procedure in place to control its energy, unnecessary barking, or unwanted jumping. All of these behaviors left uncontrolled will come back to haunt your household and your next hunt.

If your hound has the exercise it needs, the training process will be much easier. However, it still needs to be firm and carefully planned.

Short Sessions

Basic dog training for a Redbone Coonhound should be done in short 5-10 minute sessions. Once they decide they don’t want to listen to you, it can be hard to break through, so you want to get as much done as possible before they have a chance to consider whether they want to follow along.


A Redbone should be trained in basics like “sit”, “stay” and especially “down”, it has that inbuilt need to stand on their hind legs resting their front paws on something, commonly a human being. As a big dog, and done at speed, this behavior can be a problem when they do it to humans. Therefore, basic dog training should include differentiating treed quarry from jumping on humans.

Clicker Training

Basic dog training with a Redbone Coonhound works especially well in conjunction with a clicker. A Coonhound has fantastic hearing, and they respond well to sharp, single sounds. This type of sound is ideal for a Coonhound because they can have selective hearing when treeing quarry, or when focused on something in the house yard. Clicker training can be done in short bursts that fit their attention span well.


Punishing a Redbone is not very effective due to their strong will. Punishment incorporated into basic dog training can increase stubbornness and possibly provoke aggression. Alternatively, use positive reinforcement to reward good behaviors. Coonhounds love physical attention as well as treats as rewards for good behavior.

Basic dog training for a Redbone Coonhound is a trying experience. It takes time, energy and a great deal of patience on your part. Most of all don’t let your cute, loving puppy get the better of you. The second you give in to your hunting dog, you lose the battle and it can be hard to regain that ground as the dog grows older.

Basic dog training for an adult Redbone Coonhound is not as easy as when they are a puppy but that is not to say that it is impossible. It will require more effort on your part as you are working with a hunting dog that already has developed habits, and behaviors. Contrary to the saying; ‘You can teach an old dog new tricks’.

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