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Choosing The Right Goose Hunting Blind

Goose Hunting BlindWith all the various types of blinds, choosing the right goose hunting blind for your needs is imperative. Since every hunter has different hunting styles and techniques, finding the correct goose hunting blind is critical both for comfort in hunting as well as success in getting your limit.

The right goose hunting blind will be different for each individual. The significant differences in blinds include:

Type of fabric

There is some controversy with hunters whether man-made or natural materials are the best for a blind. With the new types of camouflage and patterning on fabric, both work well, depending on the conditions that you will be hunting. Man-made fabrics tend to be more water resistant, thinner and more lightweight, but also lighter and more likely to be damaged beyond repair. Natural materials are easier to repair, more durable, but also heavier and need drying to prevent mold and mildew.

Type of roof

There are several different kinds of options for a goose hunting blind roof. One of the most popular options is the spring-loaded roof. This roof is easy to immediately swing open to allow a 360-degree line of sight and firing. Another possibility is a zipper-closed roof, which can often be used as a deer or turkey blind as well. The roof is much slower to open, and there is often some obstruction. If you are hunting over the water or on fields where wing shots are not necessary, they may be both practical and efficient.

Pit or above ground

A pit style blind is often an excellent idea especially if the landscape is not ideal for an above ground blind. Even with a pit, a camouflaged cover will still be needed. In very cold and wet weather a pit blind is often the least comfortable, but it can be very effectively hidden, even in a flat field. An above ground goose hunting blind is often used in places where there is some natural brush or treed areas along the waterway or the side of the field. Some of the very low blinds can be used in either situation.

Making the correct choice in buying a goose hunting blind is best completed by trying out a few different styles. Plan to attend hunting exhibitions, talk to other hunters or even contact a few guides to find out the pros and cons of the various styles of blinds. Besides online reviews and goose hunting forums can be a great place to get ideas and tips on the blind that will suit you the best.

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