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The Rosy Basics of Whitetail Deer Hunting

Every year the number of hunters that take part in whitetail deer hunting runs in the thousands. Deer are a plentiful resource, found throughout various landscapes all over the continent. Their astounding ability to sense danger can put the skills of even the most experienced hunter to the test. To make sure a better chance of success, a veteran hunter will study not only the behavior of deer but scout the areas where deer are known to reside. This allows a hunter to see what they have studied or read about for themselves. Fully understanding one’s quarry is one of the most central needs of hunting.

Whitetail deer hunting has evolved many times over the course of history. While being overly plentiful in some periods, deer have also been hunted down to frighteningly small numbers in others. The use of technology and solid conservation practices have now helped to maintain good balances of deer in the wild. At times, whitetail deer hunting becomes more of a necessity than a sport. When overpopulation occurs, deer often move into urban areas resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage. Deer will often eat landscaping, flower or vegetable gardens and cause a good amount of general damage. The number of serious and fatal car accidents involving deer also rises.

Although deer are commonly found in almost every geographical location known to man, there are some hunters who enjoy a change of scenery every once in a while and opt for a guided whitetail deer hunting trip. Many outfitters offer hunters the chance to take on the pursuit of this clever creature in open plains, tall wooded forests or rocky mountain sides. Each setting presents its own challenge while a hunter must also use his skill to get close enough to the deer for a clean, ethical shot. There are many outfitters that offer trips specifically for those who hunt rifles, bows or muzzleloaders.

Many hunters take part in whitetail deer hunting not only because they love the challenge but because it means a freezer full of tasty deer steak. Deer meat is said to be the best low fat, low cholesterol alternative to other meats. It also contains higher levels of vitamins and minerals. It can be prepared much the same way as any other type of meat and is known to be great for grilling. While many hunters are well versed at cleaning their kills, a majority take the forty to sixty pounds of meat that will often come from a single deer and have it processed into delicious sausage and small manageable packages of round steaks or sirloin tips.

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