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Saskatchewan Goose Hunting Advice

Saskatchewan, one of the Prairie Provinces in Canada, is known for its goose and duck hunting opportunities. Saskatchewan goose hunting is popular with sportsmen from many areas including Europe, Canada and the United States. Saskatchewan goose hunting does have its own techniques and strategies that hunters should be aware of to make the most of the hunting season.

Saskatchewan goose hunting season is combined with many other seasonal hunting options. This allows hunters to make the most of a full day of hunting, rather than just being limited to geese. Typically geese are the early morning hunt, ducks or sand hill cranes are in the afternoon hunt. There are also opportunities for hunting Upland game birds such as partridge and grouse in the afternoon hours. This mixture of hunting styles makes for an interesting day out on the fields.

Saskatchewan goose hunting styles reflect the flat, barren terrain of the province. The blinds that are used are very low profile or laydown style blinds, but pits and pit blinds may also be used. Blinds are typically used for Canada geese and Snows, but they may also be used for some of the ducks as well. The wheat, oat and barley fields around the major waterways are ideal for setting up blinds and scouting the area.

Typically Saskatchewan goose hunting will include all three varieties of geese including Speckle Belly, Canada Geese and Snow Geese. The advantage in spring goose hunting in the province is that the geese are basically as far north as they are going, so they are more likely to stay in the area even when they are being actively hunted. Many of the geese are wise to the use of decoys and spreads by this time, but placing large numbers of decoys can often offset the natural anxiety of large flocks, bringing them into the fields especially if they are not hunted in the same field every day.

One of the tactics used in Saskatchewan goose hunting is to use windsocks that are painted to bring in larger flocks, especially of Snow Geese and Canada Geese. These windsocks are ideal in that they have a natural movement plus they are easy to move, store and reposition whenever needed. Solid bodied decoys are also used as are decoys with electronic wing movement, goose calls, and spring mounted decoys. Flags are not as commonly used in the ultra-flat fields in Saskatchewan simply because they tend to draw attention to the blinds, which are slightly raised from the fields. Most hunters agree that keeping the blinds as “out of sight and out of mind” is the best advice for successful Saskatchewan goose hunting.

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