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Your Shotgun for Hunting Turkey

No matter how good a wild game hunter you are, you cannot expect to succeed with a low-quality shotgun. There are special sight considerations that you should take when buying your shotgun or preparing to take aim at your gobbler. How is the determined turkey hunter to improve their shots? Sight considerations for your shotgun can make all the difference when you are hunting turkey. Here are some tips for improving and focusing on sight considerations for your shotgun when hunting for your gobbler.

Finding Quality Sights Can Make All the Difference

The most important thing to keep in mind is to find a quality sight for your shotgun. No matter how sleek and powerful your shotgun is, it will be rendered useless if you are not able to minimize misses. Have you been missing a lot of still gobblers at point-blank range? This is probably a sign that your range could use some improvement. This may also be a sign of an inexperienced hunter. Either way, you can help diffuse a lot of near misses by making sure that you have a quality sight on your shotgun.

Today’s Sights Make Near Misses Nearly Impossible

Today’s sight and shotgun technology have greatly reduced the instance of near misses. Today’s sights and shotguns are equipped with super extra full chokes. These are designed to deliver super tight patterns, which can result in many more missed shots. There are some solutions for this trend. First, you will have to abandon the typical point-and-shoot mentality of the shot gunner and switch over to the aim-and-squeeze approach favored by more experienced marksmen. The best way to improve your shot and your shotgun is to add a spiffy new sight to your shotgun.

Different Types of Sights for Your Shotgun

There are three basic types of sights for your shotgun. These include the open sights, the red-dot sights and scopes. Here is a brief overview of each of these different sights and what you can expect them to do for you.

Open Sights – Good for Low-Light Hunting Conditions

Most experienced hunters agree that the early morning hours are often the best for early-morning turkey hunts. If you are looking for an open sight that works well in low-light hunting conditions, consider one of these sights. Choose a sight that uses light-gathering fiber optics. These typically use a single front bead in conjunction with a pair of rear beads. These types of sights force the shooter to keep his or her cheek aligned with the three beads on the sight. These types of sights also have another advantage—they are easy to install on most barrels.

Red-Dot Sights – Batter Powered and Ready to Go

These types of sights run on battery power. They run a single, illuminated dot that you can view through a sighting tube. Some red-dot sights also feature advanced reticles and other features. One of the greatest advantages of red-dot sights is that they have a lack of parallax. When using these types of sights, the red-dot will present a pattern on wherever the red dot is being aimed. The red dot pattern will tend to remain, even if you move your cheek or lift the gun’s stock.

Scopes – The Classic Shotgun Sight

Scopes are by far the most classic of all shotgun sights. These remain popular for many reasons. They have the advantage of having light-gathering capabilities. These are also good for magnification. In general, when shopping for a scope for your shotgun, you should choose a scope with low power. Choose something that is lightweight and small, and which provides you with a wide field of view.

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