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Six Sub $600 Deer Hunting Rifles

With deer hunting right around the corner you may be in the market for a rifle. If you are just getting into deer hunting or replacing old faithful, there is no reason you have to spend more than $600 to get a great rifle. The Savage 16FXP3 is a perfect example of a great deer hunting rifle for about $550. It comes with bore-sighted scope, AccuTrigger, and sling. Just add case and ammo. Granted you will probably want to upgrade the scope in the future especially if you have that nice tree stand on the edge of a large corn field.

For many hunters like me price and performance dictates what I buy. I’m purchasing for function not good looks. I want something that will last, maintain accuracy, and hold up in any weather year after year, not something to hang above the mantle. Bolt action is the choice of many experienced hunters. Many times one shot is all you get, make it count. Semi-Auto rifles can be alluring but seldom practical.

Many people are unaware that you can buy firearms online. This process is legal and regulated just like purchasing from your local dealer down the road, except it’s a lot less expensive. Online dealers can save you hundreds of dollars when purchasing firearms. You still need to use your local firearm dealer to transfer the firearm and fill out the needed paperwork. Typically a dealer will charge $25 – $50 to process the transfer.

In addition to the Savage, below is a quick review of five more rifles that can be buyd online for less than $600.

Tikka T3 Lite:

Built by Sako and imported by Beretta. This Finnish rifle is accurate and exceptionally smooth. The Adjustable trigger is one of the best on the market.

Remington 770:

This sub $400 rifle comes mounted with a scope. This is one of the better deals for the budget or beginner hunter.

Howa 1500:

This is very similar to the Weatherby Vanguard. It’s Affordable, accurate and reliable. What more could you ask for?

Marlin 336:

It’s chambered in the old time favorite, the 30-30. The 30-30 has taken more deer then any other hunting caliber, and is still widely used through out the US. The short barrel and quick handling make this an excellent choice in areas where the maximum shot is under 150yds.

New England Firearms Handi Rifle:

This simple and effective single shot is the perfect choice for young hunters. It’s the most affordable on the list coming in around $250.

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