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Coon Hunting & Its Various Social & Economical Aspects

Coon hunting is one of North America’s favorite pastimes, apart from being a real blessing for farmers all across the continent. Raccoons are hunt for their precious fur as well as for their delicious meat but also because they destroy millions of dollars worth of crops nationwide each year, many farmers getting crop depredation permits to have hunters take the coons destroying their yields. Agile beings, excellent swimmers and climbers, the raccoons are a worthy challenge for any hunter.

Because these creatures are nocturnal, meaning they are active during the night, coon hunting is strictly done accordingly and using trained hunting dogs and the coon hunting lights, as well as a wide range of gears and supplies. They all play important roles in the success of a hunting session and choosing the right ones is crucial to the results you get. The hounds must be mature, agile, with a good nose for picking up raccoon scent and most of all, able to run through any kind of terrain including in and out of water. The hunting lights, with all their forms, shapes and alternative uses, are invaluable elements every raccoon hunter must bring to his game. All the other gear items and supplies do come secondly but they can improve your results drastically if you use them wisely and effectively.

Coon hunting is an activity that hides many secrets even from experienced hunters but the basic, most critical thing every hunter must know is where exactly to hunt for raccoons. As elementary as it sounds, many beginners neglect the aspect of scouting for a location ahead of time and find themselves in an area where the furry creatures are very few in numbers, thus having a good chance of being a failed hunting attempt. Hunting should be done in areas where you know raccoons are feeding, such as woods along rivers or streams as well as in areas where there are den trees are good. If you are going to hunt on a private land don’t forget to ask permission from the owners in advance, because otherwise it is punishable by law in many states.

Although raccoons are hunted for their delectable meet and for that they are a threat to many farmers’ activity, they are especially wanted for their precious fur coats. Raccoon hunters know that the fur is heaviest in late winter and earlier furs will not be as thick and will not bring top price when they sell them at the fur auction. The fur is very durable and is used for coats and collars and for trimming winter gloves and hats. So remember that large raccoons with thick coats will bring you the best earnings.

All in all, coon hunting can be an entertaining and rewarding activity if you keep in mind the basic facts and dedicate your focus on putting them to good use. Concentrate on getting as many raccoons as you can and don’t let occasional disappointments ruin your day. In doing so you’ll hardly be able to wait until the next season’s start, and this can only mean bad news for the furry bandits.

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