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Texas Bow Hunting is a Great Choice

Texas is a great choice for your next bow hunting trip. With thousands of acres available for the hunter to choose from, he can have great success and come home with big trophies and great stories.

The main rutting activity in Texas bow hunting begins close to October 21, and the full rutting peak rut in the piney woods normally around November 12, and the northern part of the state seeing full rut around November 22.

Texas BowhuntingIn east Texas, you can really see a lot of deer for bow hunting if you don’t mind walking into some of the deeper areas in management areas and national forest, most of the time you never even see anyone there. During rut season, there is a large population of deer on the move, making it the perfect time for bow hunting in Texas.

There is a scenic area located in Jasper and Tyler County close to the B.A. Steinhagen Reservoir, and the fork of the Angelina River and Neches River, called Angelina dam. Over 12,000 acres are covered by the reservoir, but about 5,000 acres are open to bow hunting in the hardwood bottoms along the reservoir. The chances of seeing a massive buck are great there. This area is difficult to get to, but many deer go there to hit their peak, and in Texas the hunt is exceptionally good there.

Texas bow hunting is great here, but bow hunters need to be prepared for the rough conditions there, especially important is to have a plan to get a felled deer out of these woods. There is deep mud, cotton mouths, copperheads, and rattlesnakes, so snake proof boots and chaps are good ideas. This is also a popular area for alligators.

Make sure you are familiar with Texas law. Some brief tips on staying on top of the law are:

  • No crossbows for hunting migratory game
  • No bows or crossbows in muzzle load season
  • Only those licensed to carry a concealed hand gun in Texas may carry one. Other concealed carry permits are not recognized, but you may have a gun in your vehicle.
  • Bows and crossbows are allowed for hunting non game, unprotected animals.
  • Bows must have a minimum 40 pound draw for all game except squirrel.
  • Bows with full or partial draw locks are legal during any lawful bow season.

Crossbows with telescopic sights may be used hunt game animals except migratory game birds, during open and turkey season.
Those who can not use a regular bow due to the loss of a hand or arm may use a crossbow to hunt deer and turkey during the archery only open seasons and the Eastern spring turkey season.

Along with knowing and understanding the Texas bow hunting laws, a hunter must practice utmost safety in the field, be sure to dress in camouflage with orange visible to other hunters. With these few tips and laws in mind, a hunter can get started planning his Texas bow hunting adventure.

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