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South Dakota Turkey Hunting Season Tips

With two seasons ripe and ready for action, South Dakota turkey hunting is a favorite game sport in this state. The terrain, seasonal considerations, and licensing needs should all be brought into account before heading out, however. Doing so can make sure a great trip to some of America’s most historic hunting grounds.

South Dakota Turkey HuntingSouth Dakota turkey hunting is an awful lot like hunting this game anywhere else. The birds have incredible eyesight, and they hear very well. Catching a gobbler in season or out is almost like looking for a needle in a haystack. They are out there, though.

To help sportsmen (and women) enjoy the best South Dakota has to offer, some recommendations should be brought into play:

  • Make sure licensing is in place. Harvesting these birds while turkey hunting without a permit is a crime.
  • Make sure the proper licensing is bought. The state offers spring and fall turkey seasons for residents and nonresidents.
  • There are two kinds of licenses for hunting in South Dakota. They are a Black Hills license and a Prairie-turkey license. Depending on the season and the location, licenses might be run via lottery, or they might be open only to residents. Check with the state to find out. Applications are available online for most permits.
  • Be prepared. Turkey hunting in South Dakota involves different terrains. The prairie license, for example, will have hunters staking out slightly rolling hills and lots of flat lands. The terrain in the Black Hills, of course, is quite different. Select everything from footwear to camouflage to reflect the location and the season in question. Remember to avoid red, white and blue coloring for safety’s sake.
  • Understand the rules. There are some pretty strict regulations for hunting. Make sure they are understood by going out and trying to bag a gobbler.
  • Put safety first. It can be disappointing to go on a turkey hunting trip and come home empty handed, but this is no reason to shirk responsibility. Make sure safety is the number one concern and the rest will fall into place to make for a great trip, turkey bagged or not!

South Dakota turkey hunting is typically open to both residents and nonresidents during the spring and fall seasons. Some locations might limit the hunt to residents only, but they are few and far between. When it comes to unusual and historic scenery, this is one of the best locations to go.

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