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Top Five States for Successful Turkey Hunting

As with many different things, for hunting, there are some places that are better and others that are worse. Take a look at the top five states for successful turkey hunting as scored and ranked by many hunters. These states are preferred by hunters due to many things, such as the number of birds that a hunter is able to shoot and take home.

The highest ranked state for turkey hunting is Missouri. For many years, this has been the number one harvesting spot, maybe due to their big turkey population. There are over 600,000 turkeys that call Missouri their home and hunters from all over the United States come to Missouri to find their perfect turkey trophy to take home. Missouri’s Shrubs, mountains and forests seem to be an ideal habitat for those Eastern turkeys. A hunter is allowed to take home two male turkeys per season. In Missouri, the allowed methods of hunting turkeys are firearms and shotguns that are 10-gauge. or smaller, No. 4 shot or smaller and archery bow and arrow. Decoys and recorded calls are illegal in Missouri and this is one important fact for hunters to know when planning a hunting trip to Missouri.

Second on the turkey hunters list is Alabama. Alabama holds a whooping 350,000 Eastern turkeys and helped hunters to the second highest harvest in recent years. The limit for taking home turkeys per person in Alabama is 1 turkey per day and 5 total turkeys during a year. In this state, decoys are illegal as well, but the variety of arms that may be used to hunt turkeys is slightly wider.

Third on the list of favorite hunting places due to the amount of turkeys brought home in recent years is Pennsylvania. Some people even believe that the turkey hunting tradition started here in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania holds 350,000 or more turkeys in their forests and wild lands, which also put them into the top five many years in a row. Only one fully-grown turkey may be bagged in Pennsylvania.

The fourth state on the list of top states for turkey hunting is Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a state that actually has a very rich history of deer hunting, but its turkey population of over 320,000 Eastern turkeys puts it also on the turkey hunting favorite list. Wisconsin also made it in recent years to the top of the list for safest turkey hunting season in their history with no turkey hunting incidents.

Fifth, but surely not last, there is New York. Even though when people hear of New York, they might be thinking Broadway, Central Park, and more, but the state of New York is much bigger than New York City. This state is big on the list of turkey hunters due to its turkey population in the mountains, farmlands and dens forests that cover the state. There are around 250,000 turkeys that call New York their home habitat

These states are filled with Eastern Turkey and if turkey hunting is just a fun sport to the hunter, then visiting one of these states might cover him. But if the hunter is out for a grand slam, he will have to travel farther than these states. All these states mainly offer Eastern turkeys for harvest and if a hunter is looking to achieve a grand slam, he has to plan his journey by researching which states offer the most population and best hunting conditions for the other subspecies needed to fulfill this dream.

Also, keep in mind that there are certain seasons when hunting is allowed or not allowed, certain restrictions that are different from state to state. Before planning a trip, make sure to know the laws and regulations for turkey hunting at the destination chosen for the hunting trip.

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