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Top Turkey Hunting Supply Considerations

Heading out into the woods with turkey on the mind won’t likely pan out with a bird coming home if the right supplies aren’t brought along. Although the turkey hunting supply list isn’t terribly long in most cases, the items on it can be vital for a good day in the woods.

Beyond the license and the correct weapon, there are other turkey hunting supply items that can make or break a hunting trip. These might not be as important for other kinds of game, but for turkey they can be vital.

Some of the top things to put on a turkey hunting supply list include:

Camouflage. Having the right camouflage from head to toe can be the difference between bagging a bird and walking away empty handed. Many hunters prefer to have at least two different sets of turkey hunting supply camouflage. One set covers the normal spring greens and enables easy blending into the background during this season. The second set is designed for fall hunting. Darker browns and rusts work well this time of year. The importance of having the right camouflage shouldn’t be disregarded. Turkeys have incredibly keen eyesight. If they spot a hunter, the entire day can be shot in a moment.
Calls. Turkey hunting supply lists generally include one or two of these items, as well. Calls are meant to lure in the birds to a hunter’s position. They can be designed to mimic a hen or even a gobbler. The idea is to get the flock to move in closer so a hunter can take aim and fire without having to give away position. Calls can be a little tricky to learn, but they can pay off rather well, especially if the right call is used on the right day.
Decoys. Not every turkey hunting supply list will include these, but they can be helpful in the field. An artificial gobbler might be just the ticket for calling in the big gobbler from a real flock. If his attention is drawn, it’s very likely he will move in to check it out. Do be careful using decoys, though. There are some safety concerns that go along with them.
Blind. Some turkey hunting supply lists have these rather high in priority. A good, portable blind can be very helpful for concealing a hunter from his (or her) prey.

A turkey hunting supply list doesn’t have to be terribly long to be effective. The best supplies are those that help with concealment in most cases.

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