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Turkey Hunting on those Rainy Wet Days

Have you been waiting for the day of your big wild turkey hunting expedition, but wake up to pouring rain on the scheduled hunt day? What should you do if you find yourself in this precarious situation? Should you cancel your hunt date and reschedule, or should you brave the rainy weather and proceed? Here are some tips and guidelines for turkey hunting on those rainy wet days.

Don’t Cancel Your Hunting Date, Just Prepare for the Rain

Most determined hunters would not let the rain put a damper on events, especially if you are experiencing a light or passing rain. However, here are some tips for dealing with turkey hunting in case you should find yourself caught in the rain. First, you should move out towards the fields and open pastures. Old roadbeds and fields are ideal for rainy weather because turkeys tend to gravitate to open spaces when it is raining. This can be a boon to the dripping yet determined wild turkey hunter.

Switch Your Calls Accordingly

When it rains, you will want to adjust your turkey calls. The general rule of thumb here is to switch to friction calls rather than traditional mouth calls. This is because friction calls can be heard at a much greater distance than conventional mouth calls. Use carbon and acrylic strikers if you have them, as these can help greatly with friction calls when it is raining.

Protect Your Box Call in the Rain

If you know that you are heading out to questionable weather circumstances, carry with a use a plastic bread bag or something of the sort to cover your friction or box call. The box and frictional call will not sound effectively if it is not dry. Keep it dry inside a plastic bag.

Keep an Open Eye and Ear

When it rains, turkeys tend to grow uncomfortable and quiet. It can be harder to spot or hear them. If a turkey is not in a good mood, if it is cold and raining outside, chances are you will not hear its buoyant gobbling as much as you would on a sunny day. You will have to strain to hear the wild turkeys, so you will have to be even more quiet than usual.

Carry With You a Good Pair of Binoculars

When it is raining, it is plain to say that your visibility will be lessened. The gobblers will be more quiet than usual, so you will have to depend on your sight to find most of them. This is where a good pair of binoculars comes in handy. Since the turkeys cannot hear as well in the rain, you will be at an advantage if you can spot them. Also, turkeys tend to go out into the open when it rains, so you will be at a definite advantage if you bring with you a good pair of binoculars.

Dress Appropriately and Stay Comfortable

It is important that you stay comfortable during your hunting expedition, and this is especially true if it is raining. Wear your rain gear and make sure you stay out of the rain as much as possible. If you are serious about hunting in the rain, you must remember that it will take patience to wait for the turkeys to enter clearings. Ideally, you should be wearing rain gear, including a vinyl poncho that protects you from the rain. Rubber boots are also a great accessory to have. Of course, if it is pouring and it doesn’t look like it will be stopping soon, and you are not wearing the appropriate rain-protective clothing, you may be better off calling it a day or heading for shelter until the rain stops.

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