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Turkey Safety Tips to Ignore at Your Peril

Turkey hunting can be one of the most addictive of all the hunting pursuits. But turkey hunting, like most big game hunting, can also be quite dangerous if you do not take the right kinds of precautions. Safety is key to make sure a safe and enjoyable wild turkey hunting expedition. Here are some important

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Choosing the Choke Tube You Need

Turkeys are notoriously hard animals to hunt. They scatter at the slightest noise, and they can move surprisingly fast. If you want to take down a turkey, you need a shot that is doesn’t spray outwards and that instead delivers a tight concentration of buckshot to the turkey’s head. To make sure your shotgun is

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Turkey Hunting Help for the New Bowhunter

Bow hunting turkeys, or as a matter of fact, any game animal, is far more difficult than with the gun. Besides a good aim, in bow hunting, it is also important to have the right tension in the bow and also pull the bow good enough so that the arrow actually makes the distance intended.

Cajun Fried Wild Turkey

How to Cajun Fry your Wild Turkey Bounty

With Mardi Gras just around the corner, this is the perfect recipe for all wild turkey lovers. But perhaps you think that Cajun fried wild turkey is too complicated for your limited cooking skills, or that there is nothing much to it. However, you can make t his delicious recipe no matter what time of

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Turkey Hunting Tips for the Autumn Season

For most turkey hunters, springtime hunting is where it is. Autumn is a busy time for hunters – it is deer season, upland hunting season, waterfowl hunting season – the list goes on and on. For that reason, most hunters put off the turkey hunting until the spring, but this fact can make autumn turkey

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Taking Care of your Turkey Calls

Turkey calls are often the wild game hunters best friend. However, improper care and maintenance of your turkey calls can lead to less than stellar performance out in the woods and fields. Here are some tricks and hints for taking care of your turkey calls and keeping them in shape for maximum effectiveness. Slate Call

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Strategies for Defensive Hunting of Turkeys

Turkey hunting is a favorite activity for many hunters, but it is also just about the most dangerous kind if hunting around. Think of the strategies you have to use to successfully hunt a turkey – you have to hide yourself from view and try your best to sound like a turkey – while you

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Can Turkey Tail Feathers Tell the Age Tale?

Many hunters believe that turkey tail feathers can help relate the age of a turkey. Is this true, or just another well-worn hunting fallacy? The tail feathers do indeed help hunters tell the age tale on their gobblers. Here are some hints and tips for how you can use tail feathers to help put a

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Turkey Hunting on those Rainy Wet Days

Have you been waiting for the day of your big wild turkey hunting expedition, but wake up to pouring rain on the scheduled hunt day? What should you do if you find yourself in this precarious situation? Should you cancel your hunt date and reschedule, or should you brave the rainy weather and proceed? Here

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Helpful Aiming Hints for Shotgun Turkey Hunters

Are you a novice turkey hunter who would like to improve your shotgun skills? When it comes to successful turkey hunting skills, there are many small considerations that you can take that can help you take successful aim at your prey. Here are some tips for improving your turkey hunting skills. Prepare for Optimal Turkey