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Valid Reason For Owning A Gun?

People find themselves thinking that they need to buy a gun for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes even people who were staunchly against gun ownership might have a situation develop in their life that changes their mind. There are definitely some people in some circumstances that do need one. A lot of those that are against guns steadfastly might disagree, but perhaps some of those people have never been faced with a situation where one was needed.

The gun debate is such a sensitive issue that reasonable people should be able to see both sides of the argument. Those families that have had another family member fall victim to a crazed person with a gun might believe if the gun didn’t exist it would not have happened. Others might say that if the victim had their own gun, they would have at least had the chance to defend themselves. It is hard to say which is the right answer.

If you were going to be traveling by car, whether it was day or night, whether you were alone or with your family, do you think you would be saver with a gun locked in your glove box or not have one at all? If you were to break down on the roadside and you were a male or a female alone, how safe would you feel on a dark deserted road with no protection? A lot of women and men alike would not think of traveling alone without a gun for protection.

Gun owners do have to be responsible with their firearms at all times. Of course a lot of harm is done by some people who get a hold of guns that don’t need them, but some think it is just as important for good guys to be able to have them too. Responsible gun owners should always have a gun cleaning kit to make sure their firearm is in good shape and always do their utmost to make sure that no one gets it that should not.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of gun ownership, you have to admit two truths. Sometimes if the bad guys didn’t have guns, bad things might not have happened. Sometimes if the good guys didn’t have guns too, more bad things might have happened. If no one needed guns at all, it would be a perfect world, but everyone knows there is nothing perfect about this world.

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