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Whale Hunting Tips

In the earlier days, whale hunting was a much sought activity among most people. Whale hunting was a source of hefty income in past times and anglers used to try every possible method to catch whale. Unlike today, there were plenty of whale earlier and thus people could hunt number of whales with great ease. It had become a business for many and was flourishing day by day. A few whale hunting tips can easily make your hunting expedition a better experience.

Tips for Hunting a WhaleWhaling was carried out mostly in the coastal areas. Modern whaling has emerged in recent times owing to technology. Whale hunting is popular due to the various commercial benefits that accompany it. Here are some basic whale hunting tips to help you on your hunting expedition.

Due to excess hunting, the number of whales in the coastal areas depleted. The European Atlantic coast and the Arctic are areas where whales were found in large numbers making them favorite places of whale hunters. So make sure you head to these areas if you wish to hunt for whales.

One way of hunting whales is using huge fishing nets that can spread over a large area. You can pull the whales to the shore. Once you catch a whale then you can use its meat for cooking purposes or sell its oil in the market.

  • One of the whale hunting tips is to use grenades and huge boats. This will lead to a large number of whales being killed in a few minutes.
  • You can also use harpoon cannons for hunting the whales. If you know how to work with a gun then you can use it to shoot the whale. Aim for the lungs and heart regions for quicker results.
  • Another whale-hunting tip is to use the whale grenade 99 for hunting which is about 50 cm in length. You can use round nosed bullets, which show much better results as their rate of penetration is high.
  • You can register yourself for a course, which teaches you how to use the whale grenades so that you can easily hunt the whales without missing your aim.
  • You can also use hand grenades, which just need to be thrown by your hands. If this does not work then you can opt for rifles and simply fire bullets at the wished whale.
  • In case you find that, the whale is not ready to succumb to your attacks then you can try and cut the throat with a knife.

Today aboriginal whale hunting is allowed, as whale hunting is an integral part of their culture. Thus, there are limitations imposed on whale hunting. In spite of this, some countries continue to ignore this law and kill innocent whales. You should not kill whales unnecessarily.

There are certain groups, which constantly fight against whale hunting. Whale hunting has resulted in a considerable imbalance of the whale population. Most of the species of whales have become extinct owing to whale hunting. There are many organizations that propagate projects explaining the importance of whales and the need of their survival. It is extremely inhumane to hunt whales using cruel methods.

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