A Successful Turkey Hunting Season

Turkey Hunting Patience

You can hunt turkeys in the spring and in the fall. You always need a permit if you are going to hunt turkeys. The spring and fall permits, however, are different. The spring permit allows you to hunt in a specific area during one of the 5-day turkey hunting periods. In the fall, your permit […]

Survival Tips for The Hunter

Flax Seed Granola Bars

Sometimes it’s easy to lose your way in an unfamiliar wood. Carrying a compass and maps of the general area that you will be hunting in can help in the event that you get lost. Carry a flashlight with extra batteries in case you get caught out after dark. There are also flashlights on the […]

Newbie Spring Turkey Hunter Advice

Spring Turkey Hunter

Are you a newbie spring turkey hunter getting ready for your first hunt? If so, here are some tips for getting started in this often-exciting activity. Spring turkey hunting is prime time for gobblers, and it is the time of year where many new hunters experience the first thrill of hunting. Here are some guidelines […]

Three Rivers Archery Supplies

Three Rivers Archery Supplies

If you are American and you are keen on archery, you will almost certainly have heard of Three Rivers Archery products. In Europe and the remainder of the world, you probably have not heard of them. Three Rivers Archery products are some of the finest in the world. In their own words, they specialize in […]

Your Turkey Kill Taxidermist Prep Work

Taxidermist Prep Work

If you would like to preserve your turkey kill as a trophy hunt, there are several steps you should take before and after the hunt to get the best results from your taxidermist. Here are the steps you should take to prepare your turkey kill for taxidermy. The first step to preserving your trophy hunt […]

How to Pattern your Shotgun for Hunting Turkeys

Pattern Shotgun for Turkey

Hunting for turkey is not so much different than hunting other game in the woods, but one difference might be the size. To be able to hit such a small target, it is of utmost importance to pattern the shotgun. Not balancing and zeroing the shotgun might keep a hunter from being able to hit […]

How to Use a Tree Stand While Hunting

Hunting from Tree Stands

Most deer hunters are now hunting from tree stands. If you are new to deer hunting, or if you have been hunting for a while but have yet to use this method, you should consider using a tree stand. The benefits of using a tree stand are that you will stay out of the deer’s […]

3D Hunting Games Online

Deer Hunter 3D

Computer technology has come a long way from its early days and the same technology has extended to the Internet where you can find all sorts of 3d hunting game to play online that very well could amaze you.  Being able to play a game in 3d makes it completely real looking.  What that means […]